Top B-Horror Flicks set in “Sin City”

Whilst horror films can have some fairly archetypal filming locations, such as a haunted mansion or spooky cabin in the woods, recently there has been trend for b-movies to take place in the party capital of the world – Las Vegas!

Whether it’s the dubious night-time charms of The Vegas Strip, or even the exotic desert location, it seems that “Sin City” offers the perfect blend of excitement and terror for some of these entertaining b-flicks.

vegas vampires thumbVEGAS VAMPIRES (2007)
Not Rated / Color / 89 minutes
Directed by Fred Williamson

Although VEGAS VAMPIRES lacks an imaginative title, this low budget attempt at Vegas horror makes up for it with its threadbare plot, hammy dialogue and a predictably iconic performance from blaxploitation star Fred Williamson.

The film provides one and a half hours of amusing entertainment as a group of Vegas cops try and hunt down a vampire king in the gambling capital of the world.

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leprechaun thumbLEPRECHAUN 3 (1995)
Rated R / Color / 90 minutes
Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith

No list of Vegas-themed horror movies is complete without an offering from the infamous LEPRECHAUN series. The third installment sees Warwick Davis (WILLOW, RETURN OF THE JEDI) as the mischievous imp that travels to Sin City to seek out his stolen gold within the confines of the Lucky Shamrock casino.

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And just to show that wins can happen no matter how unlikely the outcome, LEPRECHAUN 3 unbelievably became 1995’s best selling straight-to-video movie.

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hostel 3 thumbHOSTEL: PART III (2011)
Rated R / Color / 88 minutes
Directed by Scott Spiegel

Despite the impressive start of the HOSTEL series, it quickly devolved into more formulaic fare by the time HOSTEL: PART III was made. This film inexplicably brought the action from Eastern Europe to Las Vegas, and was the first of the series to have no involvement from horror visionary Eli Roth.

HOSTEL III offers a fairly predictable story, in which members of a bachelor party end up getting gruesomely tortured and murdered for the entertainment of sadistic clientele. However, Eli Roth fans rejoice because he has returned to the director’s seat with this year’s THE GREEN INFERNO and KNOCK KNOCK!

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las vegas serial killerTHE LAS VEGAS SERIAL KILLER (1986)
Not Rated / Color / 87 minutes
Directed by Ray Dennis Steckler

Finally, there’s THE LAS VEGAS SERIAL KILLER, a film that relies on a paper-thin concept to deliver its familiar tale of a murderer let loose on the streets of Sin City. After being released from prison on a technicality, the psychotic Jonathan Glick makes a beeline for the Vegas Strip.

The killer preys upon the unsuspecting victims, mainly nude models and prostitutes, in this schlocky horror film that proves yet again that Las Vegas is fertile ground for the b-movie horror fan.

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