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Vault Mobile Mini-Cast #1 – While on a road trip, The Vault Master and “Silent” Steve recorded this short podcast discussing their various Game of Thrones theories. Be forewarned, this cast contains some spoilers! [Download this episode.]

Episode 11: Cast MSTie For Me – Better late than never! Your hosts, Jordan the Vault Master, and “Silent” Steve geek-out over Mystery Science Theater 3000, which is coming back thanks to a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign! We discuss how we discovered the show, along with our favorite episodes, jokes, and host segments! [Download this episode.]

Episode 10: TERROR RECALL – Happy Halloween! In this episode, we briefly discuss the career of Wes Craven before moving on to our earliest Horror movie memories. We also share anecdotes about the films (and creatures) that terrified us when we were children! Could this be our most therapeutic podcast yet?! Listen to find out! [Download this episode.]

Episode 9: Ramblin’ into 2015! – Delayed enormously for various reasons, (this was supposed to be uploaded in January), our first podcast of 2015 is here! We take a look back at some of the milestones and films that we watched in 2014, then switch gears and focus on Summer 2015’s upcoming blockbusters. And we ramble a lot throughout the show (hence the title), going off on unscripted tangents every five minutes or so! Enjoy! [Download this episode.]

Episode 8: Guardians of the Awesome – Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY was the surprise hit of 2014! Give this episode a listen as Jordan and “Silent” Steve sing praises of James Gunn’s fantastic space adventure! [Download this episode.]

Episode 7: Universal Monster Squad – Your humble VAULT-CAST hosts tackle Universal’s classic monster films and wax nostalgic over Fred Dekker’s THE MONSTER SQUAD in this multi-part podcast! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! [Download this episode.]

Episode 6: Dawn of the Road to the Monster Dog – Jordan and “Silent” Steve delve into the PLANET OF THE APES franchise and give the latest entry a whole lot of love. We also unveil our first ever “Cultural Movie Exchange” where we blindly swapped films we haven’t seen before: Jordan got the ultra-depressing THE ROAD while Steve was “graced” with the Claudio Fragasso’s bizarre MONSTER DOG featuring Alice Cooper! [Download this episode.]

Episode 5: Transformers: Age of Ex-STINK-tion – Jordan attempts to review Michael Bay’s latest entry into the Transformers franchise while fielding questions from “Silent” Steve. Does the newest “Bayformers” get a recommendation from your humble VAULT-CAST hosts? Listen to find out! [Download this episode.]

Episode 4: THE JAWS LEGACY – This episode of our continuing podcast focuses almost entirely on Steven Spielberg’s JAWS, its sequels, and the seemingly endless barrage of rip-offs that it inspired! Happy 39th Anniversary to JAWS! [Download this episode.]

Episode 3: BECHDEL vs. JASON – This edition of the VAULT-CAST is all over the place, but we managed to pull our wits together long enough to discuss, and deconstruct The Bechdel Test. We followed this segment up with a geek-out session about the Friday the 13th franchise, where we both share our own personal list of “Top 5 Friday the 13th kills!” [Download this episode.]

Episode 2: The KONG-queror Worm – We kicked off this episode by shouting out birthday greetings to Sir Christopher Lee, and the late and great Vincent Price. Segment one of the podcast covers 2014’s Summer blockbuster line-up in theaters, and segment two is devoted to 1933’s KING KONG, where we heap praise on the film and rank the movies in the series! [Download this episode.]

Episode I: The Return of the King… Of the Monsters! – What better way to kick off a new podcast, than explore Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla reboot? Fellow Godzilla fan Steve Oldford and I discuss the new film, address the most common complaints people have had about it, wax nostalgic about the Big-G, and wonder what the future holds for what is now a trilogy! [Download this episode.]