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Black Friday: The Evolution of African Americans in the Friday the 13th Series – Could it be that the “Friday the 13th” films make up the most racially progressive horror franchise of all time? Read this article to find out!

Camp Blood Part 2: Tales from a Drive-In Survivor – At the tail end of August, 2016, I took a trip to The Mahoning Drive-In for two nights of 35mm slasher flicks! These are the lengthy chronicles of that amazing weekend!

Dawn of the Zombies: A Brief Examination of Romero’s Predecessors – Before NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD took the world by storm, there was WHITE ZOMBIE, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, and dozens of other films from the zombie sub-genre. Check out this article to learn more about the films that helped inspired George A. Romero!

Evil Dead Memories – A glance back at my personal history with Sam Raimi’s beloved “splatstick” horror franchise.

Exhumed Films Conquers the Third Dimension with 3-DEMENTIA! –  Yours truly attended Exhumed Films’ first ever 3D film fest in Philadelphia, and it was incredible to say the least! Eyeballs, swords, spears, killer dogs, arrows, and flames leaped off the screen in an all-day event featuring five rare 35mm films in glorious 3D!

Flesh Eaters, Killer Apes, and Quasi-Vampires: The Deranged Genius of George A. Romero – A loving overview of the career of director George A. Romero that touches upon the various films he’s made over the past five decades. [Guest contribution from Brandon Engel.]

The Hudson Horror Show Chronicles – Read my continued coverage of Poughkeepsie, NY’s famous Hudson Horror Show! I’ve been attending this biannual Horror and Exploitation film festival for years, and it just keeps getting better and better!

Jennifer Tilly: Hollywood’s Killer Doll – An abbreviated look at the career of actress Jennifer Tilly, with a particular focus on her role as Tiffany Valentine in the ongoing CHUCKY franchise!

Kaiju Continuity: An Analysis of the Godzilla Series’ Timeline – The Godzilla franchise is all over the place, so I attempt to dig out a single, linear timeline from the entire thirty film series. Did I succeed? Read my article to find out!

Rain of Terror: Exhumed Films 11th Annual 24-Hour Horrorthon – I returned once again to the City of Brotherly Love to take in an entire day of mystery horror and exploitation films, screened in 35mm …. until disaster struck!

Revisiting Christine – A look back at John Carpenter’s adaptation of the popular Stephen King novel about a murderous ’57 Plymouth Fury! [Guest contribution from Brandon Engel.]

Strange Fangs: A Brief Overview of Bizarre Vampire Cinema – The Vault Master takes a quick look at numerous oddball vampire films! Yes, believe it or not, many of these films actually exist!

WHAT IF?! – An ongoing series of articles featuring theories and alternative views on various films, all fueled by a simple two-word question!