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Horror Hype: One Man’s Disappointment with Recent Genre Hits“Silent” Steve returns to contribute this rant about the recent trend of overhyping new Horror films. His focus is primarily on THE BABADOOK and IT FOLLOWS.

Troll Wars: The “Nostalgia Fag” Awakens – This guest rant comes from VAULT-CAST cohost “Silent” Steve. After being called a “nostalgia fag” by someone on Reddit, he was nonplussed by the accusation and felt that he had to address the issue. Was he unjustly labeled or is he truly a “nostalgia fag?” Read his rant to find out!

Vault Master Rants: Being a B-Movie “Film Buff” – Do you hate it when people put you up on a pedestal as some sort of  movie expert, then get annoyed at you when you don’t know everything? Does it piss you off when your friends think you only like “bad movies?” I feel your pain!

Vault Master Rants: Godzilla (1998) – After almost twenty years, kaiju fans still heap hate upon Roland Emmerich’s GODZILLA. To that I say “no more!” It is time to move on fellow G-Fans, and embrace this cinematic debacle!

Vault Master Rants: Man of Steel – I took issue with the way Superman is portrayed in the newest origin story from Warner Bros./Legendary Films. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

Vault Master Rants: Remakes! – Everybody pretty much hates remakes, yet we continue to give them enough financial support to warrant their existence. I present my stance on this subject, and I think it may surprise you a bit.