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3-B Theater – One of the oldest b-movie websites on the web, 3B Theater bases its rating system on how much beer you’ll need to get through a b-film! (Brilliant!)

1,000 Misspent Hours and Counting – Scott has a massive collection of reviews covering hundreds of classic cult and b-film titles. Though the site’s layout is rather simplistic, the writing more than makes up for it!

And You Call Yourself a Scientist?! – Liz has reviewed tons of b-movies, as well as horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films. While visiting also be sure to visit the Immortal Dialogue section.

Attack From Planet B – A review blog that covers the all-encompassing b-movie genre! I really dig the design! – This review site has been lurking the web since 2005 and contains numerous reviews complete with humorously captioned screencaps. You’ll also find a healthy index of ramblings by the webmaster, on a variety of topics. As an added bonus, this fellow b-movie scribe is a big fan of Asian cinema and focuses quite a bit on giant monster movies! (Right on!)

The Bad Movie Report – Dr. Freex has covered many a bad movie but sadly, he no longer updates. The reviews here are well written, and are rated according to the movie’s party appeal and mst3k-ibility!

Bad Movies.Org – Simply one of the best b-movie review sites on the web! Read hilarious, well written reviews complete with pictures, audio, and movie clips! Andrew’s site is definitely a must see!

B-Movie Central – Duane’s site is simply one of the best on the web and is chock-full of b-movie goodness. For fans of classic b-movie fare, this site is a must visit! (Note: B-Movie Central no longer exists, which is a shame because so few sites focus on classic Horror & Sci-Fi. It seems that its creator has since become the author of the UNSEEN THINGS series.)

B-Notes – The Enigmatic Apostic has written some of the best and most in depth reviews for quite a few b-movies; this is one of the oldest archives of b-movie knowledge on the web! (Note: Sadly it seems that B-Notes has disappeared from the web – I shall keep this blurb here in memoriam.) – This site contains many well-written reviews and a hilarious Parodies section that is a must see!

BZFilm – Any site who’s tagline is “There’s always something good in every bad movie,” is alright with me. Inside BZFilm, you’ll find reviews, articles, interviews, photo galleries, and you’ll be able to watch FREE b-flicks as well! This site has it all, so pay it a visit!

Camera Viscera – An extremely cool site with tons of reviews, articles, interviews, horror haikus, and other goodies! Also be sure to check out the CV online shop and pick yourself up a few horror pins!

Classic Horror.Com – An excellent review site with a massive archive of horror movie reviews. While their main focus is on the classics, they do review just about any horror film they can get their hands on! Update: This site has announced that it will no longer be updating, but shall remain online in archival form.

Critical Outcast – The online lair of Chris Beaumont, a writer and podcaster that frequently shares his love for various genres of music, film, and television. Though his taste in films is expansive, he is consistently drawn to horror, cult, and b-cinema, like a moth to a flame. – (Formerly Kevin is a highly devoted lover of obscure and odd sci-fi and fantasy films. His site is chock full of informative reviews for many cinematic oddities (and their DVD releases) that are well worth a read!

Fantastic Movie Musings & Ramblings – Formerly Sci-Film.Org, this site has become home to the growing list of “musings and ramblings” by Dave Sindelar. (Currently, the capsule review archive is contains over 4,500 reviews! Amazing!)

The Good, The Bad, & Godzilla – The Rondo Hatton Award Winning blog of August Ragone, author and Godzilla historian! He updates often and posts news, reviews, and articles concerning Asian cinema, particularly tokusatsu and kaiju films! This should definitely be a frequent stop for any and all G-Fans, so be sure to bookmark!

The Horror Movie BBQ – My buddy (Bad the) Chad’s blog, that covers all manner of pop culture. While he does love himself some horror movies, Chad is also a big fan of flea markets, thrift stores, toys, and professional wrestling!

Jabootu’s Bad Movie Dimension – A well established b-movie review website with some of the most in depth and lengthiest reviews I’ve ever laid eyes on! – A well established movie review website (started back in 1994!) that is run by (GASP!) a woman that “watches sh*tty movies so you don’t have to!”

The KO Picture Show – A site dedicated to “pugilistic pictures!” Just about every movie reviewed here has a boxing theme, with several easily qualifying as b-movies. (Among them, Teen Wolf Too, The Cage, and a little known and somewhat disturbing film called Punch.)

Lost Highway – Take a detour through cult and b-films on the “Lost Highway” but be sure not to pick up any hitchhikers along the way. Especially Rutger Hauer!

The Monster Shack – Enter the Shack to read movie reviews, rants, DVD Blurbs, and more! And don’t forget to visit their large movie poster archive and Atari Shrine too!

Mutant Reviewers –  The guys and gals will review anything and everything; no genre is safe! Click on over today and check out what these film freaks have to offer!

Opposable Thumb Films – Fun cult movie reviews that are rated on the (David Hassle)Hoff-scale.

Shadow’s B-Movie Graveyard – In depth b-movie reviews that include screencaps (with humorous captions), sound bytes, movie clips, trivia, and even a section where the webmaster discusses his personal history with the film!

Stomp Tokyo – Chris and Scott have built up a veritable empire on the world wide web. This is pretty much the flagship of their b-movie armada. Though they cover tons of giant monster films, they’ve covered many other types of films in the b-movie genre.

Teleport City – This site covers tons of exploitation and kung-fu flicks. All the reviews are well written and are fleshed out with screenshots from the movies. I guarantee you will find a lot of obscure films in the review archives.

The Unknown Movies Page – Started in 1998, this review site is still going strong and dedicated entirely to digging up “the unknown, obscure, and little shown!” So head on over and begin your journey into a world of films that you never even knew existed, and look for new content every ten days!

Varied Celluloid – Josh revels in world cinema; his eclectic taste includes cult films, spaghetti westerns, kung-fu movies, and much more!

*Viewer Discretion Advised – A kick-ass blog that focuses on cult, horror, and b-cinema. It’s full of news, reviews, lists, rants, and is the home of a Youtube series called Trainwreck Cinema!