The B-Movie Film Vault

Hobgoblin tested, Rick Sloane approved! Reveling in b-cinema since June 6, 2000!



7 Seeds: Part One
Black Clover: Season 2
Cry of a Prostitute (Code Red DVD)
The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone
My Science Project (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Possessor (Well Go USA)
The Return of the Musketeers (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Smiley Face Killers
They Live (C0llector’s Edition 4K UHD – Scream Factory)
Total Recall (30th Anniversary Edition 4K UHD)
Violet Evergarden: The Complete Series


Abrakadabra (Cauldron Films)
Ace Attorney: Season 2

American Rickshaw (Cauldron Films)
The Beach House (Shudder)
Beasts Clawing at Straws (Artsploitation)
Blood Sisters (Media Blasters)
Castle in the Sky (Limited Edition Steelbook – Shout! Factory)
The Dark and the Wicked
Devilman (Special Edition – Media Blasters)
Don’t Look Back
Dragon Ball Z: Season 4 (Steelbook)
Dragon Ball Z: Season 5 (Steelbook)
The Expanse: Season Four
First Love
Guncrazy (Collector’s Edition – MVD Rewind Collection)
Maniac (2-Disc Special Edition – Blue Underground)
Orgy of the Living Dead (Full Moon Pictures)
Paranoia Agent: The Complete Series
Spirited Away (Limited Edition Steelbook – Shout! Factory)
Torched (Collector’s Edition – Unearthed Films)
Tremors (2-Disc Limited Edition – Arrow Video)
Tremors (2-Disc Limited Edition 4K UHD – Arrow Video)
Versus & Ultimate Versus (2-Disc Special Edition – Arrow Video)
Vigilante (Limited Edition 4K UHD – Blue Underground)


Akira (4K UHD – Funimation)
Breakout (Indicator – Region B Import)
Fairy Tale: Final Season – Part 25
Ghosts of Mars (Indicator – Region B Import)
Ministry of Fear (Indicator – Region B Import)
The Place of No Words


Battle Athletes: Complete Series & OVA
Case Closed: The Crimson Love Letter
Case File n°221: Kabukicho – Part 1
Dead Again [imprint – Region B Import]
Devilman Lady: The Complete Series
Full Metal Panic! – Invisible Victory
GinRei: The Complete OVA Series
Lupin the 3rd: Tokyo Crisis



Bat Woman & The Panther Women (4K Restored Double Feature – VCI)
Beach Babes from Beyond (Full Moon Features)
Beach Red (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)

The Beastmaster (4K UHD – Vinegar Syndrome)
The Black Dragon & Enforcer From Death Row (Drive-In Double Feature #10 – Dark Force Entertainment)
The Black Gestapo (Code Red DVD)
Blind Fury (Retro VHS Cover – Mill Creek Entertainment)
Buried Alive (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)

Case File n°221: Kabukicho – Part 2

Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas – Complete Series + 3 Movies

Conception: The Complete Series
Crossroads (Retro VHS Cover – Mill Creek Entertainment)
Darkness (Arrow Video)
Dawn of the Dead (1978 – Second Sight Films)
The Day the World Ended (Scream Factory)
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Part 2
The Devil’s Wedding Night (Code Red DVD)
Django / Texas, Adios (2-Disc Limited Edition – Arrow Video)
Django / Texas, Adios (Limited Edition Steelbook – Arrow Video)
Doom Patrol: The Complete Second Season
Dragon Ball Z: Season 6 (Steelbook)
Dragon Ball Z: Season 7 (Steelbook)
Dr. Who: Revolution of the Daleks
Event Horizon (Collector’s Edition – Scream Factory)

Fade to Black (Vinegar Syndrome)
The Freshman (Retro VHS Cover – Mill Creek Entertainment)
Gamera: The Heisei Era Collection (Arrow Video)
Gamera: The Heisei Trilogy (Limited Edition Steelbook – Arrow Video)
Gamera: The Showa Era Collection (Arrow Video)
Giant from the Unknown (4K Restoration – Film Detective)
The Hand That Feeds the Dead (Full Moon Features)

The Kindred (Synapse Films)
The Legend of Hillbilly John
Like Father Like Son (Retro VHS Cover – Mill Creek Entertainment)
Love and Monsters
Love and Monsters (4K UHD)
Lupin III: The First
Lupin III: The First (Steelbook)

Martin (Second Sight Films)
Massacre at Central High (Synapse Films)
Nanbaka: The Complete Series
Nightmare Sisters (Vinegar Syndrome)
No Guns Life: Season 1

Prince of Darkness (Collector’s Edition 4K UHD – Scream Factory)
Rituals (Scorpion Releasing)

Rough Night in Jericho (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Savage Streets (Code Red DVD)
The Secret War of Harry Frigg (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Season 1
Southland Tales (2-Disc Limited Edition – Arrow Video)
Spell (2020 – Paramount)
Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamamoto 2202 – The Complete Series
The Swimmer (3-Disc Limited Edition – Grindhouse Releasing)
Texas Across the River (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Tintorera (aka Tiger Shark – Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
The Train (Special Edition – Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Ultraman Taro: The Complete Series (Mill Creek Entertainment)
Ultraman Taro: The Complete Series (Limited Edition Steelbook- Mill Creek Entertainment)
Wings of the Hawk (3D Special Edition – Kino Lorber Studio Classics)