The B-Movie Film Vault

Hobgoblin tested, Rick Sloane approved! Reveling in b-cinema since June 6, 2000!



Bloodmania (Leomark Studios)
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Mitsuki’s Will
The Complete Lenzi/Baker Giallo Collection (Severin Films)

Cop Craft: The Complete Series
Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb (Indicator – Region Free)
The Day the Earth Caught Fire (Special Edition – Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Death Ship (Special Edition – Imprint Records – Import)
Escape Room: Quest of Fear (Leomark Studios)
Fanatic! (aka Die! Die! My Darling! – Indicator – Region Free)
Five Must Die (Leomark Studios)
The Flesh and the Fiends (Special Edition – Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Go Go Mania (aka Pop Gear – Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
The Gorgon (Indicator – Region Free)
Grunt! The Wrestling Movie (Scorpion Releasing)
Horrorathon: Volume I (Region Free)
Inferno of Torture (Special Edition – Arrow Video)
James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Set 1: Phantom Blood & Battle Tendency
Jungle Holocaust (Special Edition – Code Red)
Kochoki: The Complete Series
Maniac (Indicator – Region Free)
Neurosis (aka Revenge in the House of Usher – Redemption Films)
Proximity (Shout! Factory)
Shakugan no Shana: The Movie
Shakugan no Shana S: OVA Series
Shakugan no Shana: Season 1
Shakugan no Shana: Season 2
Shakugan no Shana: Season 3
Spaced Invaders (Special Edition – Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
To Your Last Death
The War of the Worlds (1953 – The Criterion Collection)
Wolf (Indicator – Region Free)
Zombie for Sale (Special Edition – Arrow Video)


12 M0nkeys: The Complete Series (Mill Creek Entertainment)
Bacurau (Kino Lorber)
Black Rainbow (Special Edition – Arrow Video)
Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits (The Criterion Collection)
Day of the Warrior (Mill Creek Entertainment)
Enter the Fat Dragon (Well Go USA)
Fafner: The Complete Series + Fafner: Heaven & Earth

Fate / Kaleid Liner: Prisma Illya – Vow In The Snow
Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema IV
InuYasha: Set 1
Kiss of the Vampire (Collector’s Edition – Scream Factory)
Kochoki: The Complete Series
The Magicians: The Complete Series
The Magicians: Season 5
The Missing (Shout Select)
Mr. No Legs (Massacre Video)
Nathalie: Escape from Hell (MVD Classics)
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
The Ones Within: The Complete Series
The Paleface (Special Edition – Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Pure Mellow Love Collection
Return to Savage Beach (Mill Creek Entertainment)
Snapdragon (MVD Marquee Collection)
Split Second (Collector’s Edition – MVD Rewind Collection)
Strike Witches: The First Season
Strike Witches: The Second Season
The Taking of Deborah Logan (Terror Films)
Tattoo (1981 – Scream Factory)
Thor: End of Days (Invincible Pictures)
Tokyo Gore Police (Lethal Force Edition – Media Blasters)
VHYes (Oscilloscope Home Video)



Airplane! (40th Anniversary Limited Edition Steelbook)
Airplane! (Paramount Presents)
Against All Flags (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Kino Lorbe Studio Classics)
Arabian Nights (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Buccaneer’s Girl (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Castle Rock: Season 2
Clueless (25th Anniversary Limited Edition Steelbook)
Ghost (1990 – Paramount Presents)
John Wick 1-3 (4K UHD)
Mephisto (Kino Classics)
Million Arthur: The Complete Series
Patlabor: The Complete Collection (Special Edition)
The Plague Dogs (Screenbound Pictures)
Samurai Marathon (Well Go USA)
Son of Ali Baba (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Spartacus (4K UHD – Universal)
Torment (Scorpion Releasing)
You Don’t Nomi (Image Entertainment)


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1913 – Kino Classics)
Bloodstone (Special Edition – Arrow Video)
Dead Dicks
Demon City Shinjuku (Discotek Media)
Galaxy Express 999: The TV Series – Collection 2
Ghost Story (aka Circle of Fear): The Complete Series (Region B Import – Via Vision)
Gundala (Well Go USA)
Hannibal Brooks (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Nazi Undead
The Outsider: The Complete First Season
Revue Starlight (Premium Limited Edition)
Slave of the Cannibal God (Special Edition – Code Red)
Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift (1990 – Scream Factory)
The Tenant (1976 – Scream Factory)
Thir13en Ghosts (Collector’s Edition – Scream Factory)
Wonder Woman: The Complete Series



Astra: Lost in Space – The Complete Series (Funimation)
Coma (Steelbook Edition)
Doctor Who – Tom Baker: The Complete Season Three
Fairy Tale: The Final Season – Part 23
Galaxy Angel AA + S: The Complete Series
Gundam Build Fighters – Special Build Disc
His Dark Materials: The Complete First Season (HBO)
Naruto: 4-Movie Collection
The Soul Collector (Scream Factory)


Bloodfight & Iron Heart (Bolo Yeung Double Feature – MVD Rewind Collection)
Brutal Massacre: A Comedy
Dahmer (Collector’s Edition – MVD Rewind Collection)
Dalek’s Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Date With An Angel (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Diva (Special Edition – Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Dr. Who and the Daleks (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Eureka: The Complete Series (Mill Creek Entertainment)
Gemini (Mondo Macabro)
The Lady Kills / Pervertissima (Mondo Macabro)
Live Feed (Unearthed Films)
Live Feed (2-Disc Collector’s Edition – Unearthed Films)
Max Reload and the Nether Blasters
Mikey (Collector’s Edition – MVD Rewind Collection)
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Suited Orphans – Season 2
Neo Ultra Q: The Complete Series (Mill Creek Entertainment)
Ozone (Tempe Digital)
The Quest (aka Frog Dreaming – Special Edition – Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Serial Killer Collection (Bill Zebub)
Split Second (Collector’s Edition – MVD Rewind Collection)
The Wretched (IFC Midnight)


Backlash (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Batwoman: The Complete First Season
Conquest (Code Red DVD)
Cursed Films (Shudder Original Series)
Death Before Dishonor (Scorpion Releasing)
Flash Gordon (2-Disc Limited Edition Collector’s Set –  4K UHD – Arrow Video)

Flash Gordon (Special Edition 4K UHD – Arrow Video)
Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell (Scream Factory)

Gamera: The Complete Collection (8-Disc Special Collector’s Edition Set – Arrow Video)
ISLAND: The Complete Series (Funimation)
The Last House on the Left (Standard Edition – Arrow Video)
Looks That Kill (2020)
Pitch Black (Special Edition – 4K UHD – Arrow Video)
Prevenge (Shudder)
The Red Ball Express (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Soldier Blue (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
The Stud / The Bitch (Double Feature – Region Free Import – Screenbound Pictures)
Those Who Deserve to Die


The Balcony (1963 – Special Edition – Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Black Test Car & The Black Report (Double Feature – Arrow Video)
Cecilia (Special Edition – Blue Underground)

Combattler V: The Complete TV Series (Discotek Media)
The Comic (Special Edition – Arrow Video)
Crusher Joe: The OVA Series (Discotek Media)

Dead Pit (Special Edition – Dark Force Entertainment)
The Flash: The Complete Sixth Season
The House by the Cemetery (Special Collector’s Edition 4K UHD – Blue Underground)
Human Lost: The Movie (Funimation)
Kiki’s Delivery Service (Shout! Factory – Limited Edition Steelbook)
The Last Victim  (aka Forced Entry – Special Edition – Dark Force Entertainment)
Lupin the 3rd: Dragon of Doom
The New York Ripper (Special Collector’s Edition – 4K UHD – Blue Underground)
Tales From the Darkside: The Movie (Collector’s Edition – Scream Factory)
Universal Horror Collection: Volume 6 (Scream Factory)
VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire: The Complete Series (Discotek Media)



Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest (Scream Factory)
Barry J. Gillis Triple Threat Collection: Things, The Killing Games,& House of Many Sorrows


How to Make a Monster (Scream Factory)
Supergirl: The Complete Fifth Season
True History of the Kelly Gang (Shout! Factory)

War of the Colossal Beast (Scream Factory)


Battlefield Earth (Mill Creek Entertainment)
Big Bully / Wrongfully Accused (Double Feature – Mill Creek Entertainment)
Snow White: A Tale of Terror (Mill Creek Entertainment)
Ultraman X: The Movie / Ultraman Ginga S: The Movie (Mill Creek Entertainment)


Inner Sanctum Mysteries: The Complete Film Series (Mill Creek Entertainment)
Masque of the Red Death (Scream Factory)
The Vincent Price Collection (Reissue – Scream Factory)


Death Rage (Dark Force Entertainment)
Event Horizon (Collector’s Edition – Scream Factory)
Ghost Ship (Collector’s Edition – Scream Factory)



Anaconda Quadrilogy (Limited Edition)
Batman: Death in the Family – DC Showcase Animated Shorts Collection
Beetlejuice (4K UHD – Gift Set)
Darkness (Arrow Video)
Dawn of the Dead (1978 – Second Sight Films)
Django / Texas, Adios (2-Disc Limited Edition – Arrow Video)
Django / Texas, Adios (Limited Edition Steelbook – Arrow Video)
Frankenstein 1970 (Warner Archive Collection)
The Goonies (4K UHD Gift Set)

The Kindred (Synapse Films)
The Legend of Hillbilly John
Martin (Second Sight Films)
Massacre at Central High (Synapse Films)
Scoob! (4K UHD)
Sherlock Holmes (4K UHD)
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (4K UHD)
Star Trek – Picard: Season One

Superman: Man of Tomorrow
Westworld: The Complete Third Season
Westworld: The Complete Third Season (4K UHD)